Our Facilities

Quick Synopsis for busy people:

  • Uncrowded, spacious and contact-free working space
  • Contact free doors, touch free hand sanitiser and solid hygiene policy
  • Large beautiful desks
  • Comfy, ergonomic lumbar support chairs
  • Plenty of power, above and below desk.
  • Very fast Wifi with backup connections
  • Room to meet clients
  • Quiet lounge for calls / a nice sit down
  • Great printing and Scanning
  • Infinite tea and coffee included
  • Biscuits, lots of biscuits
  • Free beer*
the bar area
desk detail

The Desks

The desktops are made from European Birch ply from Gregory’s in Tansley, shaped, rounded off and sanded, finished in hard wax oil and mounted into the fabric of the room with 2” screws from Lester Lowe. You can sit on them, stand on them, place your baby Hippo on them, they are going nowhere.

Each desk is sculpted from an 8 by 4 foot sheet giving you a huge working area to play with, you can lay out 10 A4 sheets for reference along one side and still have a good 4 foot area for your working with.

The Space

The space dividers formed from local timber and more Birch Ply are at 5 foot, giving you total privacy and each have shelves built into the faces for your bits and bobs, pictures of the family penguin, supply of Wrigleys spearmint or can of cola. The tops of some of the 4” thick dividers are planted up with oxygenating plants and are a natural air conditioner.

The Chairs are a mixture of wheeled desk chairs and lumbar support bucket chairs, the former mesh backed for good airflow and fully adjustable, the latter gently sculpted and very comfortable. The wheeled chairs include a full 360° of movement so you can push off with one foot and go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee during your lunch break.

the blacksmiths office area
computer server and cables

The Broadband

Our main connection is an 80Mbit Fibre link which is distributed though our state of the art Ubiquiti Unifi network through three wireless access points that cover the whole building with a single secure network, so no disconnected signal when moving around.

Our secondary connection is a radio broadband link courtesy of our friends at W3Z broadband which will kick in if the main connection is too busy or out of service. All in all, very, very good internet.

The Kitchen/Bar

As you enter the Blacksmiths you are greeted by a small informal bar and cafe (temporarily residents only), a great place to make clients a cup of fair trade coffee or make yourself a cheese toastie for lunch. Once lockdown lifts, feel free to ask your friends over, the Cafe is open to anyone who is either renting space or knows somebody who is renting space.

From our range of interesting second hand plates (no two are the same, we even have some original Wedgwood) to the cutlery, glasses, toaster, hot water maker, everything you might need is at hand.

All kitchen equipment is sterlised before and after use and sanitised daily

The bar will also be available for private functions out of office hours, we are happy to obtain temporary licenses and staff the bar if you have an exhibition, product launch, training day or just find a good reason to require a celebration! We make exceptional Espresso Martini, great Gin and tonics and carry a wide range of Beers and wines.

The Coffee and our range of Teas are all included in the space rental, if you are a regular and need something we do not stock then we'll get it in for you.

kitchen bar area
brother wireless printer

The Printer

A very capable Brother wireless printer / scanner / copier allows you to print from your phone, tablet or computer. You can also scan straight to your phone or tablet by downloading the App for the printer.
It supports double sided printing, card printing and we include 50 pages per week in your allowance.

climate control thermastat

The Climate Control

Our 8 individually controlled radiators are linked up to a Honeywell Evohome to make sure that each area of the building is just the right temperature and no heat is wasted.
Although they are controlled on a schedule, each radiator can be individually adjusted using the smart dial on each valve which gives a clear digital readout of the desired temperature. Eco-friendly and very comfortable too...

The Coffee

We stock a range of coffee from the excellent locally roasted Full Moon Coffee (Less than .2 miles from roaster to Blacksmiths!) to a selection of Grumpy Mule's full-fat and Decaf (Swiss water Method) brews. We also stock a full range of fair trade Teas from traditional English breakfast to Rooibos, Green tea and Peppermint.

The Excellent Full Moon Coffee